How to fix Windows Laptop When it goes from wireless to ethernet

I have a Windows 8.1 Laptop and yesterday it said I had no connections.
My computer is wireless but then it went to Ethernet it didn't let me connect to anything either.
I tried looking things up to see how to fix it but it just kept talking about buying cables.

Anyone know whats wrong?


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You may try to disable your Ethernet adapter (wired connection) while you're connected via a wireless connection through your wireless adapter.


Make sure you enable one or the other but NOT both. The first adapter to get a connection will steal all the DHCP info necessary for the second.
Watch That the wifi card has not been turned off by capacity key or wifi switch on the case.some dell on the base have wifi on off switch. On the off chance that his does not have a switch on the outside of the case. Utilize a USB stick download redesigned chipset drivers for the smart phone and the system drivers from dell. In the event that he didn't design the smart phone the drivers ought to be in an organizer stamped dell.