How to image Windows from hard disk to another

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Sep 7, 2009
  1. Hi,
    i Have 2 Hard Disks, Windows is installed on HD #2, i suspect there is a problem with this hard, so i want to move windows to HD #1 and i don't want to make a new installation, is there a way to image the partition contains Windows with all its contents ( i want to move all programs too ) to another partition in HD #1 ?
    Note: i don't wanna lose any data on any partition on HD #1 ( the one i want to move Windows to ).

    I have Windows 7.

  2. CapnYousef

    CapnYousef TS Rookie Posts: 38

    Hm, I'd double check with someone more senior than I but it sounds like you want to start by repartitioning Drive #1 to accomodate the migrated partition from Drive #2. Once you have a nice little nest to copy #2 to, go ahead and use some drive imaging software - I personally use a copy of HDClone (I think the only difference between free and pro is free copies ridiculously slow - but that just insures a good copy, eh?) to clone your partition from #2 to #1. Once there, you're most likely going to have to run fixmbr from a Windows repair prompt to make sure your boot.ini reflects the new drive and partitioning scheme.

    Hope that was clear!
  3. Jawshh

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    Create a boot sector in the other drive then copy the WINDOWS folder to it. To create a boot sector, type fixboot in recovery console accessible in your windows Installation CD/DVD
  4. CapnYousef

    CapnYousef TS Rookie Posts: 38

    Now, I understand this method would allow him to boot from drive #1, but what would happen in regards to all of his data/settings and overall system setup? Surely all those files would still be in his (dying) partition on #2?
  5. Jawshh

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    All the data from the other partition will be accessible. He can copy them over any time. But this method is not guaranteed to work but worth trying.
  6. Rynhardt

    Rynhardt TS Rookie

    I agree with CapnYousef.

    The best way to go is with imaging software like norton ghost. It creates a bootup disk where you can then make an exact image of the hdd you want to clone.
  7. OneZ

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    Thanx all for replay.
    But is there a program that works in Windows ? i mean without going in DOS and such...
    Thanx again :)
  8. CapnYousef

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    Well, HDClone is GUI and no DOS at all brother, just need to boot from a CD (put cd in, restart, and you should be good... worst case is going into BIOS to change boot order). There is no way to do it within windows because the drive has to be locked, and when you're in windows the drive is being accessed.
  9. gbhall

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    Acronis True Image does run from Windows and images the OS it is running from. Personal version is available as a free trial, but is quite cheap to buy full version, and you might never make a better purchase.
  10. CapnYousef

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    Oh, well I was talking about cloning - not image creation.
    Unless I'm going to be further told Acronis can clone from within windows O_O
  11. gbhall

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    Of course it can - an image and a clone are exactly the same thing - you clone simply be restoring the image somewhere else.
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