How to import multiple bookmarks into Firefox?

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Mar 7, 2010
  1. I've got a folder of a large number of bookmarks & another of Favorites from a couple different computers I've saved in a folder and like to integrate them into my current bookmarks file.

    It seems some time ago (maybe Netscape? dont' remember) I was able to import a whole folder of bookmarks with one Import.

    I just looked into Firefox and Import and it looks like that only works one at a time - that would take forever.

    Any way to do it "en masse"?

  2. Broni

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    In what form were those bookmarks saved? As a single file, or...?
  3. Jessica108

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    Importing your Netscape bookmarks
    You can import your Netscape bookmarks into Firefox by using the Import feature of the Bookmarks Manager.

    At the top of the Firefox window, click Bookmarks, and select Organize Bookmarks.... The Library window will open.
    In the Library window, click Import and Backup and select Import HTML.... The Import Wizard for bookmarks will open.
    Select From an HTML File and click Next.
    In the file picker that opens, navigate to your Netscape Navigator 9 profile folder.
    For Netscape profile locations, see the Netscape release notes.
    Select the bookmarks.html file you wish to import from Netscape.
    The contents of the bookmarks file you import will be added to your current Firefox bookmarks.
    Joyhong Software
  4. macx

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    I've got a couple of folders of bookmarks, both of those folders have folders within them like you'd find in a typical bookmark file.

    One of them was from IE, another was exported out of I believe Netscape quite some time ago.

    When I go thru what you describe, above, I'm trying to import them out of a folder, not out of a browser.

    When I select import HTML and go to the folder, it will only allow me to proceed if I open the folder and select an individual bookmark - it won't allow me to select the entire file or any folder in that file.
  5. Broni

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    If it was exported, it should be a single file, not a folder.
    What's the folder name?
  6. macx

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    You're correct, the one out of IE is a single file, the icon is a star, it's title is Favorites.
    Was exported straight out of IE. It's no longer in IE, but in a file on my desktop.

    But when I go thru the Import thing in FF, I can't obviously import out of IE because they're no longer in IE, so the only other choice is HTML. When I select that Favorites file, then the only choice it gives me is to open it - then I've got a great number of favorites, including a number of folders in that Favorites file. The only thing I can do from that point is select an individual Favorite and then it allows me to import it.

    Same basic situation with the Bookmarks folder - there are lots of individual bookmarks in there and a good number of folders full of bookmarks in there.
    The only way I can get the Import command to show up is to select an individual bookmark.
  7. Broni

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    Since all your bookmarks were not imported as one single html file, but individual html files, I'm not aware of any way to merge them into one file.
  8. hammythomas

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    the Firefox bookmarks toolbar gets cluttered as you add more links, folders and bookmarklets in the toolbar. As the space in the toolbar narrows down, you have to use nested folders in the bookmarks toolbar, which is not really convenient for quick browsing.MultiRow Bookmarks adds multiple rows in Firefox Bookmarks toolbar so that you have a lot of space to organize bookmarks and links. You can add as many rows as you want.
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