How to log into xp professional with new password

By scavenger
Feb 5, 2008
  1. I am first time on this list. I am an average computer user for personal use. I recently was given an xp professional and I cannot log on. I get a windows message asking for password. Of course I don't know it. I tried to create a new one while trying to change the user name as well. But I can't do either one. The user name remains in the box with me having to put in correct password. I get message telling me to use the correct case letters. And I can't do that. When I tried to create new password after pressing onto F1 or F10 I forgot which I did, I did type in new password in the box under security....and after I did that I still cannot get into the computer. I think the previous password is locked into the system. Therefore it appears hopeless. I just want to log on so I can clean out files and use it. Any simple ideas? Not a computer wiz. Thank you.
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