How to make your own Runescape private server


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By runescape ยท 207 replies
Mar 31, 2008
  1. anci3nt

    anci3nt TS Rookie

    what jdk file do u download, thats all i need and im done
  2. zeldasboy

    zeldasboy TS Rookie

    when i go to the java site to download it, theres like 5 different downloads..... zomg which 1 do i use? do i use the bundle or one of the otherS?
  3. TheReapErIsHeRe

    TheReapErIsHeRe TS Rookie

    i got it

    ok people listen very closly.

    copy the: C:\program files\java\jdk1.6.0_16 folder to your desktop and compile it.
    if it errors...just use the run.bat.
    then open your game client.
    that should get your servers up.
    im not sure on cmmands but im working on them.
    have fun!

    fight for programmers to use our term. 1337.
    we invented it. not gamers.
    85% of gamers dont know what it means.....
  4. vinayak

    vinayak TS Rookie

    How to get Npcs

    Awesome guide!
    I got everything right ,but I don't know how to add npcs or any monsters to the game. Can you also make a guide about how to get it online?
    I'm so close to get my own online server!
  5. joey299

    joey299 TS Rookie

    Holy crap this is cool! Thanks a bunch.
  6. yangly18

    yangly18 TS Rookie Posts: 217

    well said
  7. wookieman

    wookieman TS Rookie

    whats the link?

    [hey do any of you guys reading this know the actual link to the java developers kit it means in the how to make your own server stuff? please i cant continue unless i get that correct link =]
  8. 619jo3

    619jo3 TS Rookie

    yh i finished to but got nothing to do because nothings in the game..... plz put a post on how to put monsters in.
  9. GeneralLee

    GeneralLee TS Rookie


    The gameplay is good, but i cant skill, i dont know the item codes, and I dont know how to get NPC's....Any help?
  10. ephantom

    ephantom TS Rookie

    Dude can u help i have downloaded the client and server and can get up the runescape login part but the code for server does not work

    Help i am bored or crappy servers i want my own
  11. ephantom

    ephantom TS Rookie

    Same here this sucks. Then when i try to log in it says error connecting to server even with the help from TheReapErIsHeRe plllz help someone.
  12. zomgzomgzomg

    zomgzomgzomg TS Rookie

    i have a brain but i can't figure out the java thing....i downloaded it over 10 times re installing it a different way but i dont get the option to save or run all i get is run and cancel i have been trying this for days...if possible please give me more info to which one
  13. vectorsigma32

    vectorsigma32 TS Rookie Posts: 154

    lol this a lame post
  14. Luckymasu

    Luckymasu TS Rookie

    If you do this, you may as well start making bots for all of us to bot on Runescape with.

    Making private servers (by law) violates Runescape's copyright.

    You copied quite literally, their whole game world and you've only changed EXP/Drop rates.

    Now, of course, for a game like EVE online, making a private server literally is not possible since they have hundreds of servers holding all the sectors, etc, together. But, I digress.

    The point is, making private servers is against the law, dude, and you can get lawsuited.
  15. 123454

    123454 TS Rookie

    My compile.bat is not doing anything
  16. 123454

    123454 TS Rookie


    none of the codes are working as well as my compile.bat
  17. 123454

    123454 TS Rookie


    Those codes arent working as well as my compile.bat
  18. confuzzed

    confuzzed TS Rookie


    when it tells me to extract i cant find it what do i do?
    please respond fast :[
  19. KrayzieKilla

    KrayzieKilla TS Rookie

    OMG IT WORKS!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but no ones joining.....
  20. damnrsowns

    damnrsowns TS Rookie

    this is actually works only i need to know how to edit and how to make it online..
    please post
  21. kubes87

    kubes87 TS Rookie

    okay need some help

    yo, i try to log on. but when i run the "run" file on the desktop it just pops up quick and goes away right after. and also when i open the client and try to log in it says "error connecting to server" please help and pm me if you got anything. i won't check this that often
  22. kubes87

    kubes87 TS Rookie

    nevermind. this is a peace of sht. its not even your server. and there aint no password....
  23. AM0R

    AM0R TS Rookie


    Hey. I have everything down except the middle part? The JAVA thing is all weird to me. I need a REALLY descriptive email. Is it okay if you can give me your email adress? ( Don't think im some sort of creeper. Lmfao. )

  24. AM0R

    AM0R TS Rookie

    I got tge server working..How do you get it online? How do you create monsters and NPC's? What are all the commands?
  25. mmiillkkaa

    mmiillkkaa TS Rookie

    the links won't work it keeps saying "internet explorer cannot display the webpage"(you can tell i have internet explorer)i even tryed it on other web browsers ands it didn't work... why?
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