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Mar 2, 2009
  1. My brother is using an older database package called Manheim Tracker Plus. There is not any support for it anymore and he is getting the error 7017 corrupt cdx/idx file, unable to open TRCREDIT.

    I have no idea what kind of database file this is. I tried to do some research and found that Manheim purchased the Advantage Database for this software during the time they were supplying updates. I found the Advantage database error and it says to rebuild the database. I don't know how.

    There is an option on their menu to 'index keys' and when that is done there are two errors which are 5XXX which will not let them index it.

    Is there any way I can manually rebuild this database file? The operating system is Windows XP home.


  2. Tedster

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    you can google the file name.

    you can also try and see if the database program can open it.

    other than that I have no idea what database program he is using.
  3. gguerra

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    cdx/idx are index files and are easily rebuildable. You should have a corresponding dbf file (this is the actual table or database) i.e. TRCREDIT.DBF Depending on what package was used to design the software you would need that in prder to rebuild your index/es. Tell me a bit more about Manheim Tracker Plus. Is it windows based.. Also open up the folder where your data files are stored, From the menu click view, details.. What does it say under type. Is it associated with any known type of file. Chances are that they are Visual Foxpro tables in which case I may be able to help. I use VFP extensively. There are utilities that can be used to rebuild corrupt database/table files (dbf's)
  4. hmharris

    hmharris TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you. I will do that. I am going to the carlot today.
  5. hmharris

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    Rebuild database files - more info

    They are adt and adi files. Advantage database. I saved the database to a thumb drive.

    Tracker Plus is a software for carlots. It takes payments, tracks inventory and lets the employees write deals and print them. It also prints receipts and does all the calculating on the balance.

    I tried to reindex again today and got the error 7017. Do you know of anything I can do to rebuild the indexes?

    Tracker is a windows software program written by manheim. But now it is no longer supported. If we have to reinstall we could never get another code to activate it. The code was always different everytime we had a problem. Sort of like Microsoft : ))
  6. gguerra

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    If you are a do-it-yourselfer I recommend posting your questions on a or a similar forums site that is targeted towards database programming and databases in general.

    Advantage is a produced by Sybase which is still a viable product. If Manheim software is a product people still use chances are that someone out there provides support. and in fact there is. A quick google search came up with something. From a what I read there are about 12k users still using it.

    Let me google that for you
  7. hmharris

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    Rebuild database files

    This is the software based product. They do not support it anymore. They have a service that is online that can be used. The people that use to support it were in Orlando and there were let go a few years ago.

    Thanks for the info. I will move it to the dbase forum. I just had posted to techspot before and got great help.

    I know nothing about Sybase at all. I use to support software but never dbase products.


  8. hmharris

    hmharris TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Manheim Tracker Database - Need help

    You have answered several questions on my posts about the database my brothers have at their carlot. Manheim Tracker powered by Advantage.
    I have gone to the dbforums and cannot get any help. I have even tried to get some outside help from database people but they know nothing about Sybase.
    The problem with Manheim is that everytime one calls to get a serial number they have to give you an individual number to register the software. Now there is not a number to call to register anything. Here's my question:
    There are two carlots each running the Manheim Tracker software. One is running fine. If I image the software at the 'good' carlot, take it to the "broken" carlot, erase the broken carlot's database completely, add their old information, would this work? Or is the registration registered to the machine like Microsoft does? If it would work, how would you suggest imaging? Ghost? Thank you for any help you can give me.
  9. gguerra

    gguerra TS Guru Posts: 319

    Imaging would most likely mean getting an image of the entire disk which would mean getting the OS (Windows) which is hardware specific. I would use Acronis True Image which has a 30 day trial available (I think). Create an image of the drive that does work. If you have an external drive this would be an easier process. If not you can use a flash drive that has enough capacity to hold the image file. Then take that image file to the machine that is not working and you can mount it as a drive. Using Acronis (you would need it installed on both machines) you can mount that image file as a drive and then copy from it as you need. You will need to copy the main folder and any runtime files necessary to the appropriate place (i.e. c:\windows\system32 or similar folder) You wont know until you try it if you need any extra files besides the ones in the main program folder. That leaves only registry entries (if there are any).. Its basically a matter of some trial and error on your part. There are other possible solutions but this is the most straight forward I can think of for now.
  10. jimddg

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    Manheim tracker has different database types depending on what version you are running. DBF and ADT are the most common. the indexes for them are *.CDX or *.ADI.

    All you have to do is to delete the proper index file for the database with the problem and run the organize keys option within the program.

    Example: c:\program files\trk\del trcredit.adi ... or trcredit.cdx (hit enter)
    Then in the program run organizes keys

    If you get error 7xxx on a different file repeat the same procedure with that particular file and organize keys again until you get no more errors.

    If you get 5008 or 7008 there is corruption in the database and bad records need to be cleaned with the database editor called arc32.exe in the trk folder.

    Hope this helps
  11. andyrivera255

    andyrivera255 TS Rookie

    Hi, I am one of the Tracker programmers, email me (or post a message here) if you still need help with this..

    My name is on the software under "help-->about"
  12. prestige1auto

    prestige1auto TS Rookie

    Manheim Tracker

    Do you know where I can aquire Manheim Tracker disk my computer got a virus which corrupted my hard drive and I lost my entire database.
  13. DKAUTO

    DKAUTO TS Rookie

    network licenses

    Trying to add network licenses to manhiem tracker suite.

    Does anyone know how to do this?
  14. josephmotors

    josephmotors TS Rookie

    Andy Rivera,

    I need your help! I am no longer able to print the state forms through tracker and am i need of help. I have tried everything from changing out the cables, and reinstalling drivers.

    I even changed out to another oki ml320 turbo but for reasons beyond normal IT knowledge it will not talk to tracker. I am in dire straits. if you can reply to this post or you can email me directly at sales at josephmotors . com i would appreciate it.
  15. Maria2009

    Maria2009 TS Rookie

    I'm very interested! I would love to find out more inforamtion related to this topic. Thanks in advance.
    me too, I need more detailed info
  16. vganzha

    vganzha TS Rookie

    I am a Manheim tracker user. Was wondering if you could help me. When installing a new server on a fresh computer the tracker usually does activation over the internet. However i believe the activation server has been shut down sometime in 2006. Since the activation does not go through the software cannot be used. I am basically trying to upgrade my computers at the dealership and stuck with the old server that I cannot replace because i cannot reinstall tracker on a new pc. I have the latest 3.097 version of the software. any help or advice would be apreacited.
  17. jkpdigital

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    RE: Tracker Plus - seeking help from Andy Rivera

    Greetings Andy,

    I purchased Tracker Plus for close to $4K cash from Manheim, and am now having a few issues with the software. Wondering if you would be so kind as to email me (as I do not know how to email you directly) so I can give you my toll free phone and hopefully discuss the issues with you. I'm hoping that you will be able to help.

    One of the problems is that the Peachtree interface has disappeared completely. Another is that every once in awhile, an error message stating that the Tracker is not a registered and license program appears. I'm able to work around the second issue, but it is still annoying.

    The first issue with Peachtree however is more serious, as it requires us to double up on all inventory/sales entries in order to keep books.

    If you do get this email, please get in touch. Thanks.

    jkpdigital @ gmail. com
  18. youngtg1

    youngtg1 TS Rookie

    Help with Activation Key

    Andy please email me at tom1@ fuse. net I have been using tracker and the server was stolen and I am now putting the lot back together and cannot find a server backup so I reloaded but how can I get a activation Key? Thanks Tom
  19. lrnfrmdabst

    lrnfrmdabst TS Rookie

    Tracker Questions

    Please let me know if you have any Tracker Questions.. If it has anything to do with registering any of the products, that feature is no longer available.
  20. daspeac

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    Hi Helen, the response seems to be too late, but maybe it may help others. if you are still interested, I recommend that you try the foxpro table repair program, it is a good solution, if you experience any difficulties with dbx files. This application also converts dbf files. Hope this helps and not considered as spam
  21. andyrivera255

    andyrivera255 TS Rookie

    How to contact Andy

    My email address is andy rivera 255 @ yahoo . com

    I do not monitor this message group and just noticed some folks are in need of help.
  22. andyrivera255

    andyrivera255 TS Rookie

    Andy's email

    My email address is my username andyrivera255 at yahoo

    I do not monitor this thread and just noticed some of you needed help and could not see my email address. I thought it was viewable by users.
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