How to Remote Access Your Computer with Chrome

This is a great way to run a headless system running Windows (or the other supported OS's). This is what I use for my file server so I can tuck it away in a corner without having to hook it up to a TV/Monitor.

Another important point is that Chrome Remote Desktop has apps for Android and iOS. You can access you PC from your mobile device or run the computer from a tablet. I use this function all the time to apply a new driver or start a large download while I am away.

I'd also recommend this for parents/friends who need tech support. The one time code function allows them to send it to you via text or email so you can login. They can end the session on their end anytime. It sure beats heading over to their place or allows you to help from across the world.
BE ADVISED: Remote Desktop is a well known infection vector. To minimize your exposure, after the install, just Disable it until you actually NEED it. Then when you're done, Disable it again.

You can test your system for Open Ports using:

Exposure Test

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All Service Ports
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I have been using TeamViewer for this purpose. All machines have a STRONG password that's at least 16 characters long.
I'm looking for a simple way to be able to access my home workstation using my laptop when I'm out of town. I need to be able to run a couple of my CAD programs that are not compatible with my laptop (otherwise I'd just put them on the laptop and be done with it!). I run the Chrome Browser on all my computers, so can this app be made to function in that way? Please understand I'm sort of a bone-head in terms of all the latest stuff, so this may not work at all!


First, your PC must enable Remote Desktop.
Then your firewall must open those ports.
and your home PC must be powered on, running and not sleeping or hibernating - - just set a screen saver.
You should have a UPS connected to protect that system.

When out of town, wherever you get Internet Service, their router must enable Remote Desktop Ports too - - lots of luck getting cooperation.
Love your avatar! I'm a pilot and love the old warbirds. Thanks for the guidance...I'll see what I can figure out. I know there is a way to do what I'm wanting (in fact, several, of course) but that's not my area of expertise and I usually have one of my buddies who DOES know all about that stuff to do it for me. And you're correct, it may take an act of god to get the client's IT folks to open a port for me in Seattle where I'm working on their project.

Anyhow, I'll learn something!

Thanks very much!!