How to remove dual booting menu for Windows XP Pro?

By oneshah
Mar 20, 2012
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  1. hi all. i have installed windows xp profesional into my pc resently. it goes well until i restarted my pc. now, i have both my old windows and new windows on boot menu.. i find it annoying because every time i on my pc it will automaticly boot into my old windows. how to fix this problem?
  2. odriscoll27

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    hi oneshah, welcome to TS

    In order to solve your problem you will need to use the boot setup under MSCONFIG.

    • Boot up your PC and boot into your NEW windows installation.
    • Select "Run" and when the box appears type in msconfig
    • You should now be shown the MSCONFIG dialog box with a series of tabes accross the top one of which will say "BOOT"
    • Click on the BOOT tab and you should see both your operating systems there for you to choose from.
    • Click on your NEW OS that you have installed and then click on the "SET DEFAULT" button
    • This will ensure that when your PC boots up it will boot into your NEW OS. You can also change the TIMEOUTtime here (default 30s) to a lower figure if you wish. Timeout time is where you may have more than one OS installed and it gives you a designated time for you to choose your desire oS.
    • Click OK and you will see a msgbox say Restart or Exit without Restarting
    • Click RESTART and your PC should boot into your NEW OS
    • When re-booting you will be shown a msgbox stating that you used MSCONFIG. Click on the option box "Don't show this message again" and click ok
    • Away you go :)

    The image below is what the MSCONFIG with the BOOT option selected looks like. Please note the picture below only shows ONE OS installed :)


    (not sure if the picture is being shown properly so the link is below)!103&authkey=!AGp7nL6nCfG-6_4
    Hope this Helps

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