How to remove Norton completely?

By Toasterfraker
Sep 1, 2008
  1. Hi

    I bought a laptop that, like many PCs nowadays, was sadly saddled with Norton 2007. I uninstalled, used Norton Removal. I installed Kaspersky and during the installation, the installer warns me that Kaspersky might not work properly because another antivirus was detected on my PC.

    I had to uninstall Kaspersky after a few weeks because I'm in the process of troubleshooting some persistent BSODs so right now, I don't have an AV on my PC.

    Last night, I used Belarc Advisor to get some specs on my PC for diagnostics and Belarc tells me my antivirus software, Norton 2007 is properly installed and updated...

    So... any way to completely truly be rid of this crapware? If Norton Removal does the trick, how come Belarc thinks it's still here and working?

    ANy help would be appreciated as I'm still struggling with my BSODs and it's my understanding Norton has been linked to some of what's been happening to my PC... I'd just like to make sure it's not interfering with whatever I'm trying to get my PC working again.

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  3. Toasterfraker

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    thanks CCT but I have tried that already... it apparently worked or said it did but now Belarc Advisor as well as other similar appz tell me I have Norton 2007 installed on my PC...
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