How to restore Facebook when browsers won't open it


TS Rookie
This is how I (finally) solved it. My Windows 8.1 laptop uses Google Chrome/GC as main browser; Internet Explorer/IE as backup. Suddenly on my FB page, all images and photos disappeared. FB would not open in any browser, GC or IE. Instead a tiny blueish icon appeared with words "Image may contain....". For a while I was able to see text only on my FB page, no images. Suddenly everything disappeared and when I attempted to view ANY FB page or create a new account, log in, all I could get was a white screen with the tab heads wording aligned on left side. Attempts to solve: Disconnected modem. Rebooted. Reset GC settings to original defaults. Cleared all cookies, browsing, caches, add-ons, some extensions. Refreshed, refreshed, refreshed. No joy. I tried opening my FB on a desktop computer elsewhere and it was fine, so it was my laptop was corrupted. On the second day, the solution: Right click on the chrome icon on my desktop. Click on "troubleshoot compatibility;" I ran all the tests, and clicked 'fix'. Lo and behold, FB restored to full condition with all images and photos. I use Windows 8.1 on a Toshiba laptop with Google Chrome as my main browser. I'm attaching screenshots of the problem screens.