How to unlock Inachis e-backup file?

By bubbaguitar
Aug 28, 2008
  1. An evil virus ate my computer. Now I need to restore my email system. I use Outlook Express. I have diligently backed up my address book and identities over the years because I use it to mail out a weekly music newsletter in my local area and around the world.

    The backups were made with Inachis e-backup 1.4. When I re-install the program it asks for two registration codes. But I only have the one original that came with the previous version.

    I haven't had a problem for years, but when I went in search of Inachis I found that they went out of business years ago. Does anyone have any idea how I can either get the program to work without registering it again, or how to unpack the .eba backup file?

    Is there any way to contact former Inachis people to see if they can help me with a fix?
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