HP: Android phone and tablet abandoned, PalmPad is a go


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It appears that Hewlett-Packard's multi-OS strategy will actually be a duo-OS strategy, at least when it comes to mobile devices. Android is no longer on the table, but Windows and webOS still are. HP is on track to deliver a tablet computer running webOS early next year, as well as a Windows-based tablet that will ship sooner, former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein told the Financial Times. It has abandoned a project to launch a smartphone based on Google's Android open source operating system and there will be no t...

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WOW! HP are not going to jump on board with the most innovative and open OS in the tablet/mobile world!

I can tell you right now, they just lost the tablet wars, lolwindows.


lol, android fags.

1st, webos is more open than android, plain and simple. There is no such thing as rooting or jailbreaking its simple (enable developer mode) and does not void any warranties.

2nd, HP is one of the single largest computer companies in the world...so yeah, they matter.


Palm fag.


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I'm kinda glad about this, the PalmOS I have tried out on that Palm phone at the begining of the year and actually, I quite liked it :) Nice to see HP not following the crowd and prepared to try something different.


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What they sell is up to them, but what I buy is up to me and it will not be something from them, unless they sell android products.