HP dv6000 taking forever to boot up

By Sins113
Sep 6, 2010
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  1. Ok so I hadn't used my hp dv6000 entertainment pc since 06' because of a broken LCD screen..now that I've replaced it... It booted up normally at first but after a couple of days, it started taking hours to boot! I'm on the second consecutive day of not being able to even get to the windows screen! What can my prob be? I've scanned my notebook for malware before this happened and I have no infections! All my notebook does is seem like it's about to boot up but then turns back off and on automatically while set in a black screen... Like I said, I can't even get to the hp intro logo at times....hours...days? This is rediculous! Please any help would be greatly appreciated.....Oh and I'm running windows vista...

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