HP dv6707 laptop trouble

By Woodsco
Sep 26, 2009
  1. I have a HP6707 that is giving me numerous problems which I have been unable to find a solution for. Problems seemed to start after laptop got infected with antivirus malware. Laptop would randomly turn off and would not restart correctly. Keep getting stuck on Windox start up screen. As the laptop does not have any important data on it, I decided to do a hard reboot. I reformatted the drive and as soon as the computer restarted, it got stuck again on the Windows screen. Afer doing this several times, I decided to order the CD recovery disks from HP. Tried a hard reboot from CDrom, same thing happened. Took it to a computer repair shop. They said it was a bad hardrive. After over 3 weeks of waiting for a new hard drive (long story), I ordered a replacement drive from HP and installed it myself. Inserted CDrom recovery disks, reformatted drive, and upon computer restarting, got stuck on Windows screen again. Restarted computer, finally got to screen saying installing software and in the middle of installing, computer turned off. I guess this isn't a hard drive problem. Could it be the motherboard? Not sure how much more time/money I want to invest in this laptop. Maybe I should just get a new laptop? Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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