HP executive confirms a smartphone is in the pipeline

Shawn Knight

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HP’s senior director for consumer PCs and media tablets in Asia recently confirmed that his company fully plans to return to the smartphone market. The company simply has to be in the game, Yam Su Yin said, and that it...

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Hm, I wonder if HP would be such a consumer friendly company as to design a phone for FireFox OS?

The timing would seem to match but would HP want to "downgrade" to the less flashy and less fancy FireFox OS.

Just speculating.


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I think this goes to show how lucrative this market it. They know full well they're not going to be able to create a top selling smartphone, but it doesn't matter. The market is so big and margins are so wide that they'll probably be able to make money with just an average product.

(of course Blackberry just messed up a smartphone and lost a ton of money, so what do I know....)


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I would have thought the smartphone market would be saturated and profit margins a lot less by now but nevertheless pricing is still going to be critical to it's success. If they are taken seriously maybe we could see a whole host of models and different OS's. Good luck to them.