HP G7 17" screen starts up white and stays white


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My Hp pavilliin g7 series laptop running windows 7 home starts up with white screen and no beeps or sounds . Started freezing on Hp logo screen last week only sometimes. Id turn off and it would work on second try. About a year and a half ago I used laptop to preview windows 8. And after I reinstalled windows 7 it has been acting funny. Ie freezing and louder fan noise. I did recently update the bios and a pci device driver that never installed. But now it has white screen this morning. I shut off and powered up and still white.
I took off battery and pressed power for 10 sec plugged back in and still white. Still no noise.
Any ideas?


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It works with external monitor

So I wonder what went wrong with it, do you think it can be fixed or repolaced?
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Yes the laptops display can be fixed. It may be a broken LCD cable that runs from the LCD panel to the laptops motherboard. Or the problem can be with the LCD panel itself... In either case, a laptop repair technician will have to repair this for you