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HP lowers notebook prices to keep lead

By Justin · 5 replies
Sep 25, 2009
  1. With Acer slowly creeping up on their marketshare, HP is planning to take some aggressive action in the notebook market to keep and improve their lead. Though there are estimates of Acer potentially replacing HP as the number one vendor worldwide, HP sees things differently, and is prepared to slash notebook prices all over their retail market. The move is intended to make HP's notebooks more attractive, which of course results in better sales.

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  2. At one time I would turn my nose up at Acer to buy HP, but now I will never buy another HP laptop again. After seeing poor quality in four HP laptops I have owned in the last four years, I have gone to Acer. Price cuts may work short term, but I think they are doomed. People don't forget when you charge them good money for crap.
  3. JudaZ

    JudaZ TS Enthusiast Posts: 284

    Guest - Are you kidding me or are you working for Acer computers? Acer is extremly bad quailty. I have worked with their crap and their incompetent support staff for 4 years now... sure the computers are cheap..but so is the quailty. HP is a totally diffrent story. Call their support or try their chat and you will get an answer within 5 minytes, almost every single time. and they actually know the answer! They will send you recovery CD's for free..NEW CD/DVD's ... not like acer ..pay $30 for some homemade DVD's that sometimes are scratched.
    One fun think about acer as an ex. is their uncanning habit of publishing wrong BIOS versions on their own webpage. I hade a computer a customer needed fixed within a week...i needed an bios upgrade to fix the fan noise (the fans ran max speed constatly and ther was no option to do anything about it in thr BIOS...) I found 3 diffrent bios upgrades on their site...none was correct, and if i would háve used them the motherboard would be in a bin now.
    So i call Acer to ask what bios to use, tell them (again) that they have an incorrect bios on their page..Warning them .... First they had no idea what i was talking about.
    Then the told me to use the BIOS listed on their main site..

    I told them, that will "break the computer", are you sure??....and they said yes, this was the correct one.....
    then i explained to this guy that this the modelnumber of the bios is incorrect,
    I have experienced this a couple times before with diffrent models ..it killed the first computer . just because i trusted Acer.....
    .when i told him this he got unsure....talked to his supervisor, came back with the same result...
    (in the meen while i ran the BIOS upgrade manually...lucky I did because if i let it run automaticly it would have forced the bios upgrade.....but running it manually it told me in plain english this bios is not for this motherboard model...just as i suspected)
    .... when the support guy cam back he told me once again .. yes you can run this upgrade..
    then i asked him, so do you give me a new computer if this upgrade you are telling me to use kills the motherboard......he got a bit ...silent and when ..eeem no ...
    .then i told him that i just tried running the upgrade and what i previously stated before was correct.....this upgrade is WRONG. .. .
    then he got unsure ..asked his supervisor again (40min on the phone now) and now he said .. it shuld be the correct one...
    told him i have warned you guys about this more then 12 times before..i have destroyed 2 computers like this ..
    first one i trusted the webpage...second computer i called support and got an recommendation..and it was wrong... ..
    . .so he asked to come back to me through e-mail.... 1,5 weeks later i got an answer....with the wrong BIOS once again attaced in the e-mail. ... *Sigh*
    this unfortunally normal dealing with Acer support. .....With HP if you have a business model. HP even comes out on spot changes what ever is needed within 1 day! Acer has no such thing. ... Sure they are cheap..and the acer one models seem to work fine .. but there ar some many models that har pure crap. ... when vista came out .. they sold Acer Aspires with 512MB RAM!!!!...with Vista on them how clueless are you then? And they continued to do so fo a while ..we refused to sell them at that price put atleast 1GB in them and sold them for the same price ... (1GB is to small as well but we added it fo free and you could atleast use the new computer you bought , compared to before)
  4. Eddie_42

    Eddie_42 TS Rookie Posts: 158

    holy wall of text.....go find a forum
  5. Matthew

    Matthew TS Evangelist Posts: 5,270   +104

  6. Eddie_42

    Eddie_42 TS Rookie Posts: 158

    I honestly had no idea that was there. I live on the 'comment' side of techspot.
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