HP omnibook xe3 bios password help

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Jun 28, 2007
  1. Theprepared_com

    Theprepared_com TS Rookie

    Cool, I got 10905. Now to read the first part of the thread again and see what to do with it.
  2. hasanyildiran

    hasanyildiran TS Rookie

    hello my hashcode is 03710 Hp-OmniBook XE3, if u can give me pass fast its will work fine to me. Thx for helps.
  3. remzibi

    remzibi TS Rookie

    HDD important .
    One more information - if you have also passworded HDD and password on this HDD was stored on this laptop - the master password will also unlock your HDD .
    In such case first be sure to set in bios "HDD lock" for "disable" - then using master password remove user (if stored) and supervisor password .
    In some models this will be done automaticaly .
    In some models , newer ones it can be impossible .
  4. nadorstrike

    nadorstrike TS Rookie

    Need a password

    hi all i have Hp omniBook 900 i want the password my hash code is 09675 please send me the code :( email removed
  5. remzibi

    remzibi TS Rookie

    I was warned by moderator to not continue this topic .

    So please do not ask me about the password on this topic any more .

    If any one wish to contact with me - I am sure will find another way .

    My email is in my public profile .
  6. tarvel

    tarvel TS Rookie

    About hp omnibook xe3 my hashcode is 10867 please send me the code
    email removed
    Thanks ;)
  7. freetrader008

    freetrader008 TS Rookie

    BIOS password for HP XE3

    HI, can anyone help me for my HP Omnibook XE3 with System Hash Code 14573 ?? I have forgotten the BIOS password. Thanks a lot.
  8. mania

    mania TS Rookie

    hello I need the key bios hp xe3
    please help me
  9. M_martin24

    M_martin24 TS Rookie

    omnibook 900

    Hi, I have similar problem as others I have old omnibook 900 that is locked out. My Hashcode is 01224

    Does anyone know how to work out the pass from the hash code?

    Thanks, M_martin24
  10. albzy

    albzy TS Rookie

    omnibook 6000 password help!

    hi all! I HAVE A OMNIBOOK 6000 and cannot get into my bios, my hash code 13947. Can anyone help? I heard if i take out the Lithium battery it will reset it but i took the laptop apart tryin' to find the battery and couldnt find the battery...DOH! Please help i woudl greatly appreciate it.

    -al b.
  11. hpgl

    hpgl TS Rookie

    try this: 1143119
  12. hpgl

    hpgl TS Rookie

    may be that: 1154213
  13. tito81

    tito81 TS Rookie

    hello i have an omnibook xe2 dd which is a celeron 400mhz. i can't boot it because i don't have the boot password,is there any person who can help me ?
  14. markoeg

    markoeg TS Rookie

    Please help

    hi Remzibi !!

    please help !!!! My five digits are ( 13961 )

    thank you ...
  15. mania

    mania TS Rookie


    password hp xe3 escuseme is that I am worried and I need your aid
    if you wish to help me and if you do not want it does not matter
    respect your decision
  16. triple6

    triple6 TS Rookie

    I was wondering if you could help me with a password.

    The hash is 05370.

    Another way to get the hash is to press ALT- SHIFT - F10 on some models.

    Opps, I didn't see we were not suppose to ask this anymore, sorry.
  17. uncomprehending

    uncomprehending TS Rookie

    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with a BIOS password, for a hp omnibook 4150b. The hash code is 00771.
    This is my first post here and I would like to thank everyone for their help with this problem.
  18. ericklane

    ericklane TS Rookie

    Do not have the password to the bios setup on an Omnibook vt6200

    I have a Omnibook vt6200 and I cannot get into the bios setup I have a hashcode of 10833 can someone decode the password for me. Futhermore what method are you using to decode the hashcode?
  19. hpgl

    hpgl TS Rookie

    I'm not sure but try this password: 1153624

  20. ericklane

    ericklane TS Rookie

    Hpgl I tried the password 1153624 and it does not work.
  21. cempreng

    cempreng TS Rookie

    hi all
    i have problem to , with hp omnibook XE3 i forgot bios pass
    i hope somebody can help me , my hash code 04549
    please help me
  22. pabloooo

    pabloooo TS Rookie

    Hello remzibi

    J have got a problem with my Hp omnibook 6000

    My hash code is 08958 - could you give me password? Please help me R E M Z I B I


    Many thanks

  23. pabloooo

    pabloooo TS Rookie

  24. onered

    onered TS Rookie

    Hp omnibook XE3 password

    i have the same damn prblem with this password, please help me too!
    my hash code is 09486
    please help me

    Laptop OmniBook XE3
  25. remzibi

    remzibi TS Rookie

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