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Nov 24, 2009
  1. Hi everyone!

    I recently purchased a HP Pavilion DV3505EA from ebay UK.

    The seller stated the Laptop was 3 to 4 months old and as HP offer 1 year warranty I assumed 8 or 9 months warranty should remain. Shouldn't HP have this on there system?

    As soon as I received the laptop I contacted HP about the warranty and they said it was ending on the next day (day after I received the laptop) which was the Thursday 19th November. I asked the seller about this and the response I got was that the laptop was a replacement as the first one broke, and that therefore the laptop should still have several months left on the warranty. HP said without any supporting evidence they can not do anything, the seller yesterday email to tell me that they could not find any paperwork confirming this. I have the original HP box here which has a delivery label (addressed to the seller) from the delivery company which has a date on it would this suffice to get the remaining warranty reinstated?

    What else can I do? any suggestions?
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    A warranty would only be in force if it is transferable. You need to contact HP to see what the legal agreement is.
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    HP does not extend the warranty when they replace a defective one. The replacement laptop warranty starts where the defective one ended, and continues only to the end of the warranty period of the original computer. Sorry for the bad luck... but you will probably get a full year out of it now.
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    Thanks for all your replies
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