HP Printer Disappearing

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Apr 10, 2008
  1. Has anybody seen this strange behavior before. I installed the drivers from CD for an HP F2110 printer. Everything went well, and I was able to print a test page. Rebooted the computer, and worked on a document and clicked on the print button in MS Word. It said I needed to install a printer first. So I opened the printers and fax window, and the printer I just installed is not there.

    I unplugged the printer from the USB port, then plugged it back in, and the computer recognized it and went throug the install steps. When all done, I check the printer/fax folder again, and it is not there.

    I changed the USB cable and no change. I reloaded the drivers and no change. I'm out of ideas to try. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

  2. Nodsu

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    Never, ever use drivers from CDs. Always download the latest drivers from the internet.

    Try uninstalling the drivers and software you have installed now. Download and install the newest driver package from HP.
  3. OGGBoy

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    Nodsu. Thanks for the response. But Ive done that as well. :cool:
  4. Nodsu

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    Hmm.. When installing the printer (after replugging it), are you asked which port the printer is connected to? Some (crappy) printer sotware installs "special" USB ports that you are supposed to use instead of the Windows vanilla ones.
  5. OGGBoy

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    No it just ask for the installation CD. I inssert it, it does its thing then says it is done after about a minute. Funny thing is that once i had the printers and fax fold open as this was happening, and the printer would be created, and when it says it is done, the printer disappears, Wierd.

    Anyway, after doing a google search on this, look like some folkks have the similar issue, with a different HP printer, but on Windows Vista. One solution I've seen, and have yet to test out is to turn off DEP.

    On the HP site (http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/...us&lang=en&rule=40852&product=3235678&dlc=en), I saw this article which doesnt say directly that the priinnter disappears, but might be related.

    So yeah, i got a few things to try out, and I'll keep you posted on my results. Thanks

  6. theFakeGeek

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    (Sorry for the bump but I feel the solution should be posted for others)

    If your HP Printer disappears suddenly after a reboot you have an HP program called HP CUE DeviceDiscovery to blame. It is a Windows service. To make the printer stop disappearing simply disable the service.

    If you need instruction on how to disable HP CUE DeviceDiscovery you can check out my site which has instruction with pictures. My site is called theFakeGeek. Just google for it.
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