HP Sprout is an AIO Windows 8 PC with integrated 3D scanner and projector

Shawn Knight

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HP's Multi Jet Fusion wasn't the only major announcement to come out of the company's media event on Wednesday. Sticking with the content creation theme, HP also announced a new all-in-one computer with a bit of a twist.

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I see they're not thinking inside the box. They did give you i7 but why in the world be so cheap on the RAM and HDD space. Mostly sounds like cost and margin for profit. The cost of this system is really high. I am sure some will buy it because of the 3D scanner feature and being AIO with touch tech. Hope they have solved the issues with prior HP AIO with touch had a lot of issues. I see the keyboard and mouse are low tech and they don't match the system too even though they're wireless. .