HP Stream DC jack splice

Good day gents,

So a friend dumped an HP Stream 11 laptop in my.....uh.....lap - and told me it “didn’t work”. She is essentially computer illiterate, I was unable to coax further info from her. She was just “Done” with it, she’d said. It’s sat on the shelf a while, and recently an accident totaled my new baby - a 17.3” Lenovo. All of a sudden it pays to have a backup, even if it is tiny.I opened it up, and discovered the DC jack was somehow torn out. The jack wasn’t board soldered. And that’s proven to be a double-edged sword. Yeah, the pigtail connection to the main board allows for easy replacement if you’ve got one on hand, and prevents greater damage to the board itself should just this very thing occur.... but if you’re tapped out and need a machine YESTERDAY...well, that’s a horse of a different color.

I’ve got the connector to the main board itself, along with the wires where they’d pulled off the jack. It’s enough to solder to, and I’ve got several HP laptop dc jacks. But the number of wires varies with each as does the connector. We know that the power adapter carries ground on the outside ring, 19v to the inner ring, and whatever the voltage is to the smart pin..... but I haven’t a clue how those three options would connect to my wires. Black (ground I assume) would probably be outside ring.....but red, white, yellow, and brown. Uh oh....Sanger.

Online searches are useless in determining where each of them would connect to. Any thoughts? Attached is photo showing my main board connector at the top, and the best photo I can find of the jack...with the rear hidden


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