HP tower just turned off, no power light

By terry5880
Oct 27, 2012
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  1. Hi all just bought a hp tower as it needed reformatting or a boot disc I turned it on and it got to screen saying thank you your pc is now set up but then the little egg timer came up and after 5 minutes the pc just switched off now no green light on back by psu and no power has the psu just blown or could it be another problem .. thanks in advance

    UPDATE - plugged my psu into it and it turned on so im assuming ive been very unlucky and psu has just blown can anyone help me where to get one very cheap pc is a hp media centre m000 I looked on ebay and cant seem to see anything the one in there is the origanal I think which is a 230watt
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    YEA I LOOKED AT THAT SITE BUT THATS THE ORIGANAL oops sorry for caps there is over 350 replacements I can get so just gonna get a 400w atx replacement thanks for reply tho bud appreciated

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