HP Victus 16" Gaming Laptop Review

Toju Mikie

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Good review, but in regards to the charging port:

"Back to the power though, I really wish this was a USB-C port instead. It's nearly 2022 and bulky proprietary laptop charging bricks need to go."

I believe USB-C will only provide up to 100 watts of power, so there is no other choice than to use a proprietary port for now.


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Really thorough and well written review. Kudos.
But having had a budget HP Envy gaming laptop in the past, I have to say no more for me.

The specs are there but build quality is just shoddy. Needed a repair after just a few months of light use, and eventually one of the screen hinges just broke off. Spend a bit more if you can.
A thorough review. One thing: that wonky trackpad may be just the unit you received. I've had the Victus for two months now and the trackpad is fine (not spectacular, but serviceable, and who doesn't use a gaming mouse with their gaming laptop anyway?).


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Thank you for the review, it contains some really useful insights, from an “everyday-user” angle. However, I would like to offer some constructive critisism if I may (I don’t know what into me, mayne I have just too much time on my hand today :) ), I hope it’s OK:

Display: If we are going into the gory details, it would be nice to see more basic metrics like contrast, response times, PWM, min/max brighness (max included though), because it feels one-sided as it is. I agree that the non-calibrated DeltaE values are bad (though not surprisingly, considering its class), but the calibrated 1.6 counts as a very good value for a gaming laptop (not to mention its sRGB coverage, whcich is again in the “good” range and is higher than a lot of laptop screens out there, in any class)

Performance wise, it would be really nice to see more data. If the CPU throttles down to 2.2 Ghz, there is definitely something wrong with either the unit or the testing. The temps were told to be good (68C under full load is excellent for a gaming laptop, in my book), so how come that the CPU is held back so much?

As for the GPU, it’s OK not to go into a wild performance analysis (an example would have been nice though), but more crucially, WHICH variant of the 3050Ti is it? As NVIDIA, in their infite wisdom, label all TDP variants the same, from 35W to 80W, it would have been really useful to see which is the one provided with the Victus.

Storage and RAM: Again, it would be nice to see at least their brand and main specs (the case was open anyway); any synthetic benchmark would have been a bonus :)

On the opinionated side, I don’t agree with some of the statements, but that’s just me:
- 5.5lbs/2.5 kg is not on the "heavier side" of gaming laptops for its size (its farily light, actually)
- Battery life is excellent considering its class (definitely more than “nothing spectacular”). This is not a MacBook Pro, and over 6 hours of potential office use is pretty good for a gaming laptop.
- If it is really available for the price mentioned, it represents a good option value wise. Sure, I would immediately upgrade the RAM to 16GB, and add a second SSD eventually, but regardless, for the price, considering its size and screen, it is a good option (and build quality is not “slightly flimsy”: it is a cr*p touchpad, and a pain (I hate clickpads anyway, with a passion), but if the chassis is solid, the keyboard does not bend, and the screen is stable, I don’t think it deserves that moniker)


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I'm most impressed by that laptops ability to levitate almost a full inch off the table......unless it's just the camera angles not showing the full thickness of the laptop. =P