Hpdv6000, installed wrong graphics drivers, unbootable

By sethbest
Oct 16, 2009
  1. HP DV6000 notebook,
    has a nvidia go 7200 vid card

    was having issues with secondary monitor, so went to reinstall the drivers. a bunch of posts suggested using these custom video drivers from http://www.tweakforce.com and i foolishly figured it couldn't break anything.

    Restarted after install to no image and post beeps: one long and 3 short which im assuming is something video related.

    I pulled the hd figuring i would just delete the driver files, but even with the hd unplugged i get the same beep which leads me to believe that the driver install somehow altered the bios.

    Suggestions? i don't even know a way to reset a notebook bios.
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