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By MilkMan859
Jul 6, 2008
  1. I am trying to make a website for a friend who passed. I would like to make a type of open forum so that people can leave pictures and stories and what not. I got the domain name and all that. I was looking around to find some html code to make a open forum and could not find any. Any help would be much appreciated. I will be using notepad or frontpage or similar programs.
  2. TheJediSlayer

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    I would recommend that you use phpBB as a good way to help post pics, etc, for your friend. I'm sorry to hear about this.

    I'd recommend you use or for your hosting needs. I would personally recommend

    If you need help setting up the forums, etc, the support staff at either one of these places should be able to provide adequate help. I'm sure someone here would be willing to help, and I would be willing to more than help you out if you need any help with setting these forums up.
  3. MilkMan859

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    Thank you very much for your help. I suppose I am also hosting the site through GoDaddy (it was the only people at the time i knew of). The problem is they have a website design program but it does not do what I want. They only allow me to change the site but it is for everyone so they recommended or told me that I have to create the site myself if I want other people to be able to post things. They also said that forum would be the way to do this. I have a very basic knowledge with html so I would need some help or instructing. Thank you again for your help.
  4. ITGuy702

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    Sorry to hear about your loss.

    I have 2 websites that I have been building using GoDaddy as the hosting company. I personally have not had any problems with them so feel that they are a decent company to host websites. Depending on which hosting plan you've purchased, you should have access to databases.

    For what you're trying to accomplish, HTML alone cannot handle forum entries, photo uploads, etc. For this you need a server-side programming language, a few examples include:

    • PHP
    • JSP

    The database is needed to store forum posts and information about file uploads. I have never built forums nor have I coded pages that handle file uploads. However, I deal with HTML, ASP (VBScript), and MS SQL Server (Microsoft Database) on a daily basis for work. So if you have any questions I will do my best to answer them.
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