Huawei beat Samsung for the first time to lead worldwide smartphone shipments in Q2

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In brief: Huawei shipped more smartphones globally in the second quarter than any other vendor, marking the first time the embattled Chinese technology company has outpaced rivals for the top position and the first time in nine years that a company not named Apple or Samsung finished in first place according to market analyst Canalys.

During the most recent quarter, Huawei managed to ship 55.8 million devices. That’s five percent fewer year-over-year but still enough to beat out second-place Samsung who moved 53.7 million smartphones, a far more significant 30 percent drop compared to the same period a year ago.

What’s more impressive is that Huawei was able to do this amid US government restrictions which have stifled international business. Indeed, the company’s overseas shipments fell 27 percent during the quarter but were offset by a strong showing at home.

Canalys Senior Analyst Ben Stanton said that if it wasn’t for Covid-19, Huawei wouldn’t have been able to secure the top spot. “Huawei has taken full advantage of the Chinese economic recovery to reignite its smartphone business,” Stanton noted, adding that Samsung has a very small presence in China and has taken major hits in other markets like the US, Europe, Brazil and India due to outbreaks and lockdowns.

As the global economy starts to recover, it’ll be equally as difficult for Huawei to maintain its lead. “Strength in China alone will not be enough to sustain Huawei at the top once the global economy starts to recover,” said Canalys Analyst Mo Jia.

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Hmmmm.... let's see:

#1 America has fewer (far fewer) people than Asia/Southeast Asia/Africa/Europe and South America

#2 China has more people (far more), more access to Asia/Southeast Asia/Africa/Europe and South America

#3 China manufactures just about every damn thing.

#4 China's brands are CHEAPER (by far) than Apple and Samsung

#5 Most people in the world CAN'T afford prices at Apple and Samsung.

Logic, I believe would dictate that Chinese brands would have far easier market penetration.

Question: what thought process would lead a minority to ever believe they could compete with a far superior workforce that's able to work at lower wages while producing products cheap enough to dominate the free market?

You'd have to be insane to start a trade war with a country like that.

What kind of madman would ever do such a thing?


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Another SHIPPED, versus SOLD?
Bragging rights, wouldn't surprise me, if the communist government told Huawei to over produce, so they can have the bragging rights as "most shipped".


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Communist my ***, you are out of the loop, bud. China's more capitalistic than US that's for sure.

Arguing with people who don't understand economics, most likely have never lived in the countries they rant about and get their information from right-wing propagandist outlets is an absolute waste of time.