Huawei takes jab at Apple's Face ID in Mate 10 video ad


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Apple may have explained that Craig Federighi’s inability to unlock the iPhone X last week wasn’t a fail, but that hasn’t stopped Huawei from poking fun at Face ID, and the handset’s neural engine, in the Chinese giant’s latest ad for the Mate 10.

A recent Facebook video shows a facial recognition system failing to recognize a cartoon clown. It also features the tagline “Let’s face it, facial recognition isn’t for everybody.”

After Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering failed to unlock the iPhone X at the unveiling event, the ensuing reaction caused Apple’s stock to fall temporarily. However, Apple later revealed that the phone’s Face ID system was accidentally activated by backstage staff earlier that day. Following a number of failed unlock attempts, it had started asking for a passcode, which means it was working as it should.

But for Huawei, the incident made enough headlines for it to be referenced in the new Mate 10 ad, which finishes with the hashtag #TheRealAIPhone and reveals the flagship’s unveiling date — 16.10.17.

Like the A11 “Bionic” SoC found in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Huawei’s Kirin 970 processor has a focus on AI functions such as voice and image recognition, thanks to its neural processing unit. The Mate 10 will be the first handset to use the Kirin 970 mobile chipset, and like the A11, it's built on a 10-nanometer process.

At the start of the month, Huawei overtook Apple as the world’s second-largest smartphone company, though it still lags behind leader Samsung.

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That hilarious faux pas was the fault of some imaginary backstage sap? Well I sure hope he got shown the imaginary door. Embarrassing some legendary Apple bigwig (who'd ever heard of him until then?) in front of the world... sacrilege, heresy and inexcusable. Punishable only by death. Naturally the cover up was Apples usual smoke and mirrors mumbo jumbo crap believed by nobody as Huawei's discreet video explains.


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LOL, well, I've had TWO Huawei phones in the last 4 years that have been excellent.
Mate2, bought on a whim when the Oppo OnePlus One you had to kill someone to get one.
With the SD400 chip, thought it would be so slow, but, coupled with the Nova Launcher it
was a darn fine phone, and that 4,000mAH battery was amazing. Did it win any benchmark
races? NOPE, but, for day to day, typical usage, it was perfect. I updated my phone this past
winter to the Mate8, when the price dropped to about 1/2 when the Mate 9 was released.
Fantastic phone. And to those that think you have to have the latest versions of OS, chipset
specs and what not? Stop buying into marketing.