Huge CPU spikes at regular intervals

First of all i'm not really sure if it's a processor problem or a software problem... so if i posted at hardware instead of software i m really sorry....
So i should start to explain the problem...: I have had a sony vaio laptop with a I7 proccesor and 6 gb ram for about 6 mounths and i have never had problem with the cpu... i would run out of ram before running out of cpu.... and now all of the sudden the cpu started spikeing at intervals of 3-5 minuntes for 10-20 sec when playing a game, any game... all my games...

So i started to investigate... :
1.I got Microsoft Sysinternals Process Explorer (i have some print screens but i m not allowed to post because this is my first post) and started hunting the process that was slowing me down... So i started to play a game and when i got the lag...(evrything slowed down.... even the sound....) alt tab... but to my surprise i didn't find a process... all the active processes were useing much more than they should have... (even a process that usually used <0,01 it was useing like 3-4 % of my cpu)
2. Then i left the laptop on and watched a movie and checked on the process explorer at a 10 minute interval.... the only process that i found useing like 30 % of my cpu was: Mscorsvw.exe
3. i scaned my computer 3 times with Microsoft Security Essentials (didn't find a thing) and i have been useing this program for a while... and never had a problem with it so i kinda trust it (on 3 diffrent computers)
4. i used CCleaner and found about 100 registry problems many of them about Microsoft . Net Framework... (and the process from the step 2 is from the same program i think ) so i cleaned my registry and got the latest framework 4 and update after with windows too
5. i have read forums and even tryed out the problem with the loophole that computers with 2 network adaptors crate and use cpu for 6 seconds so i turned offline the LMHosts lookup

so i tryed a lot of things and i m desperate and i don't want to use recovery and format evrything( witch i m sure it will fix evrything) so please help.

it can still be net framwork or even the troubleshooting protocol that is creating the cpu loophole and i didn't know how to fix it.


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"I used CCleaner and found about 100 registry problems many of them about Microsoft .Net Framework"...

This is an indication that you still have stuff on your computer that needs to be "cleaned up"... Download and run this... Make sure you have all the Microsoft Updates installed
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... you can imagine that the first thing i did i run a cleanup of everything....

anyway it doesn't matter now... i ran 2 restores to factory settings one of them yesterday... and i have the same problem and now i m thinking is hardwere because my cpu is spikeing on one core mainly my core temperature are 98 celsius whem my tj max is 100 (Junction Temperature Max.)
sooo it doesn't matter what game i m playing if i m playing with the recomanded detailes or the lowest ones.... CPu is spikeing hard (2nd core it reaches 100%) then the other cpu are starting to rise even my sounds laggs

so.... i have no ideea hardwere problem with a new laptop?

p.s. even after a restore when the computer is nice and clean i have thoose registry problem with ccleaner... so... that's not the problem...