Huge PS5 restock from Amazon expected soon

Joe White

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TL;DR: Amazon is expected to offer a huge PS5 stock drop in the immediate future, offering gamers their best chance yet to secure a next-generation PlayStation console. If you're part of the majority who've yet to bag a PS5, keep a close eye on Amazon's product page over the coming hours and days.

Sony's PS5 might have broken launch records, but its release was marred by scalpers who rapidly bought up stock to resell at inflated prices. While I was one of the lucky few who managed to buy a PS5 on launch day, I know countless friends and colleagues who've tried time and time again, with no luck.

The good news today is that according to range of PS5 restock sources, Amazon preparing for a huge restock in the very near future. Tom's Guide collected the information, which suggests that Amazon could offer some 46,000 PS5s in the coming days – or hours.

This could be the best chance gamers have had to pick up a PS5 since its launch.

If you're hoping to bag a PS5 yourself, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the stock drop. First, if you don't already, make sure you have an Amazon account.

Then check that your credit card and shipping details are up to date – the last thing you want to be doing amid the frenzy of the stock drop is search for a credit card number, or have your PS5 shipped to an old address.

Finally, adding the PS5 to your Amazon Wishlist could allow you to add the console to your basket from there, instead of via Amazon's PS5 product page (which will be overwhelmed with traffic come launch). It's a useful trick that helped me bag a PS5 last year, when the console launched in the UK.

All that's left for us to say is good luck – for those about to order a PS5, we salute you.

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I got my PS5 and a few for family members at launch. It's just sitting there like a paperweight. The games I want haven't been released yet. Same goes for the Xbox.


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I was lucky to get it on launch and it rocks. I got long lost enjoyment back and it is great gaming machine. New games are blast and older are much more pleasant to play due to better frames, work culture, great controller.


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I'm holding out for the Series X but only because the difference is really just a 51-49 proposition between the 2 no matter which one we consider to be the 51. My choice is just tilted that way because of Gamepass.


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Bleh. There are, what, 1 or 2 games on current gen consoles that may be worth playing? As Yatzee said: "I cant think of a single console generation that wouldnt have benefited from releasing a year later". Add coronavirus delays on top of that and the earliest I could recommend a next gen console would be the end of 2022. MAYBE.

That being said, with most exclusives ending up on PC there's no point IMO. The PS4 was an utter disappointment compared to the PS3. I'll be skipping the PS5 after that disaster.



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Jazz Jackrabbit 1&2 re-release when? I'm looking at you, Epic! It's such a low hanging fruit...


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I got my PS5 and a few for family members at launch. It's just sitting there like a paperweight. The games I want haven't been released yet. Same goes for the Xbox.

That's a shame = you were raving about how much better the PS5 to the new Xbox was - still lots of PS4 games to play upscaled .
I'll stick with my plans to buy PS5 V2 as a bundle as well as a VRv2 bundle


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The internal 2TB SSD that I added into my Xbox One X has been more beneficial at this point than anything the new consoles currently have to offer. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll wait until there are some next-gen games actually worth putting some time into before I jump on some new hardware.


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So then why did you get it?

Never understand early adoption myself, it's the beta console, random glowy thing of death, noisy fan issues, inferior storage. I mean 667gb of available storage is a fkn joke. I don't wanna delete and reinstall games. CoD cold war / warzone and such could probably fill that alone.
Overpriced inferior product now in stock. Thanks Amazon, but no thanks, I shall wait for the thincrustproelitenerdtart edition with extra sauce.