I am Being Attacked by "Security Central"

By vBchuckles
Dec 2, 2009
  1. I logged onto my desktop computer today to check my Facebook page and all of a sudden, everything I opened, immediately closed again. I normally use Firefox for everything and that is what I couldn't get to open at first. As time went on, I could no longer open my taskmgr.exe or regedit to try to get rid of this newly acquired "Spyware Protector" off my computer. It was called "Security Central" and continued to pop up blips saying that my computer was infected and when I tried to open something, it was pop up saying that the file location was infected and was being closed.

    I am typing this from my lap top because I cannot get anything to open on my desktop.

    Is there anything else y'all need to know?

    EDIT: The pop up says i am infected by W32/Blaster.worm
  2. vBchuckles

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    I deleted the Security Central. I rebooted the PC and went into taskmgr.exe before the Security Central had a chance to load and as soon as it did, I ended the process and deleted it from the computer.
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