I can install Ubuntu but can't install Windows

By eazyB
Jan 23, 2010
  1. I have been working on this xp machine, that needed the os reinstalled, so i went to reinstall it and it wont. starts up the process, then errors and declares that there is no hard-drive check connection . I can see the sata hard-drive in the bios. Then i tried to install ubuntu and it worked. seems to be just windows, I tried several installation disk. same error.
  2. AudioVayne

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    You need to zero the harddrive first when moving from Linux to Windows. Download a program called DBAN (Darik's Burn And Nuke).

    Burn it to disc, run over the hard drive with it then run the Windows install and all is well in the world!
  3. tmarrero1234

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    After zeroing the drive, you might need third party SATA drivers

    Dear easyB,

    Windows XP does not include most of the SATA Hard Drive Controller drivers in the market.

    Do what AudioVayne posted, zero the drive. After doing that, if you still cannot see the SATA hard drive during the Windows XP Setup, you will have to use another computer (or another Operating System) to download the SATA Controller drivers from the manufacturer's website of your computer brand (or motherboard brand, if it's a clone).

    Using the other computer, you will need to follow the manufacturer's instructions to create a Diskette with the SATA Controller drivers. After preparing the Diskette, go back to the computer in which you would like to install Windows XP. Insert the Diskette in the floppy drive, and insert the Windows XP CD in the optical drive.

    Boot the computer from the optical drive. When Windows XP Setup starts loading, be aware that you must press the F6 key on your keyboard to be able to load the Third Party Drivers that you will provide in your floppy disk, before Setup continues. If you miss the F6 prompt, you will have to restart again.

    Follow the commands at the bottom of the screen to load the drivers from the Floppy Drive A:. Then continue Setup. Once Windows XP Setup loads the SATA Controller drivers located in Diskette, it should be able to see your SATA hard drive.

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    You could also simply configure the BIOS to run any drives as IDE, which bypasses the need to install SATA drivers. Most BIOS(es) permit this, and unless you are going to attempt a RAID installation, there is little to no difference in speed between SATA and IDE.
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