I can't figure out this windows 10 memory leak


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So I've been fighting with this memory leak in windows 10 that is only solved by a restart, but when I restarted I got a message "this program is preventing you from restarting". It didn't say what program, just a program with no name and a generic icon. For awhile now I have suspected that my windows 10 install is infected but none of my scans have picked up anything. Whatever this program is doesn't show up in task manager and I can't see what program this memory is being allocated to. Only time I see it is when I goto restart and windows says it's preventing me from restarting.

I use Linux most of the time unless I'm gaming but this is getting really annoying. Considering how infrequently I use Windows I don't want to spend the time to reinstall and set everything up again.


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Maybe check Event Viewer to see if there are any clues and maybe grab Autoruns (Sysinternals program but hosted by Microsoft now) to truly see all the stuff your machine is running