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I cant get rid of this virus

By killsxeshane
May 25, 2008
  1. Help!

    My avg keeps telling my I have the Js/downloader agent, with another list of trojans. I would scan and move to the virus vault and then try to heal them, It would not allow me to heal them. I would then Delete them from the virus vault "wipe." I have tried so many things.

    Now When I pull up the internet It makes the click click sound and the screen flashes. also at the bottom of my desktop right next to the clock. all the icons that are usualy there. it just shows blank.

    The internet also does not load webpages only occasionaly. Also when I type things on the internet as in a google search bar, a letter disappears then I have to retype it. I think that it is making me type it a second time, to steal possible information.

    My roomate was usuing my computer to download music from limewire (downloaded about 800 songs) So she could burn it on a disk. Ever since then it has been completely messedup>

    I am at work right now, thats the only way I can access the internet. But sometimes the computer lets me work. I need my computer for school, I have papers due. Thankfully I can write them at work.

    I am not the most computer savvy So, If someone could please explain very well how to get rid of this.
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Use Spyware Doctor 5.5, scan, then immediately shut down. Reboot in SAFE MODE then scan once more.
  3. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,335   +36

    Lesson 2 in 'computer savvy': Limewire is a file sharing program on the internet. While your computer was used to find files to share on the computers of others, so others can access your computer to 'share' and not all of those 'shared' files are ones you want on the system:

    Open your browser and put Limewire in the Restricted sites. Tell the roommate you don't allow the use of that site.

    It is possible that Spyware Doctor alone won't get rid of all the malware. If you still have the problems, you might want to switch over to the Security Forum and go through the malware cleaning process:

  4. killsxeshane

    killsxeshane TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Okay now I have a Bigger problem.

    I didnt check this, untill I did all of the following (i didnt check my email)

    techspot openboards > Os& Software> security and the web > Viruses spyware/ malware, preliminary removel intsrtuctions.

    So i used the above insturctions.
    I got all the way down to stp 10 I used toolkit one... (was in safe mode for all the steps) and I had to restart..

    When I came to log in.. THERE ISNT A WINDOWS USER NAME! Nothing no admin at all.

    Now before that on step 6 the super anti spyware home edition didnt work, it kept saying Administrtator doesnt allow this.

    So i went to my controls. in system or something and starting disabling some things. I think I disabled the whole administrator.

    I then was aggrivated because it still wasnt working so i downloaded update malwarebytes (before I restarted my computer)

    I dont know what to do.. Starting now, Ill just listen to the replys
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