I can't reinstall XP

By gabelgee
Sep 11, 2010
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  1. I'm trying to reboot from a cd (XP home edition SP2) and all I get is "Press any key to boot from CD" but nothing happens. I check the keyboard and I can get into the bios. Can anyone give me some direct on this?
  2. B00kWyrm

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    If you would provide more information about your computer...
    including Bios and version, it would be easier to help you.
    Also, it would help if you would tell us why you are now doing what you are doing.
    (What happened to make this necessary?)

    Different bios makers (and versions) require slightly different approaches,
    If you need detailed direction... we need to know what we are working with.

    Going into the bios, make sure you write down ANYTHING that you change.
    (this will enable you to change it back).

    The ONLY thing you should change is the boot sequence,
    moving cd to the top of the list, and your hard-drive as second.
    This should allow you to boot from cd.
  3. gabelgee

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    I orginally wiped the drive because of a virus. I think the version is 3.20 I got this off the splash screen in the lower left hand corner. The splash says compaq and gives the options of boot sequence, set up, and system recovery. Which it wont let me in to the system recovery. I did change the boot sequence but I get the same result. Please help

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