I have a dell mfp 3115cn printer that will not work with Microsoft operating system 10

have a Dell mfp 3115cn printer that will not work with Microsoft ooperating system 10. I tried using older software/drivers but to no avail. Can anyone help me get this printer up and running with the system I have (10)?


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Yes, but it doesn't work though, even for older system such as 8
OK, you're talking sort of in circles here. There's no reason you should expect a driver for Windows 10 to "work with older Windows OS". Full stop.

The Dell support.page you've been directed to, has a drop down menu, which has Windows version specific drivers.

If you can't get the printer to work. uninstall any drivers which may be present first, then install the Windows 10 specific to your version of 10 (32 or 64 bit), and try again..

Windows 10 updates sometimes have the nasty habit of borking other programs. If this is the case, you may indeed have to contact Dell support for guidance.