I have a question about my Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bits?

By boy_from_MK
Mar 17, 2008
  1. I have bought my new pc(you can see the details) and windows vista ultimate x64 built in it.So, it boots perfectly,right after two times for that slider to pass.But thats not the problem.The problem is that i CAN'T ENABLE AERO AND WHY I CAN'T FIND THAT I HAVE DIRECT X10 :mad: ?I do not know where to search!In bioshock that option direct X10 surfaces...its stoned,it can't be put on.So,i have direct x9???THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENCE :confused: i really need help from you guys!In the attachment is my card box(if you didn't knew about PALiT,know you know)The box is absolutaly fantastic,the first shiny box:)
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