I have a question regarding Windows?

By speedy45
Dec 4, 2008
  1. I would like to know if which Linux will work with NTFS File System, & of course will work with my system specs? So let me know ASAP because I am not sure which on will work with my computer NTFS File System.
  2. jobeard

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    Actually, it's not Linux vs NTFS, but the issue of which version of Samba is available.
    (well sort of; the OS Kernel needs support also).

    Mac OS X: http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=5648972

    Kernel support: http://buffalo.nas-central.org/index.php/Linux_NTFS_support

    Knoppix 5.1 (which is Linux on a CD) provides R/W support.

    NTFS-3g is the add-on for r/w support; query your Linux vendor to determine if
    this 'package' is available for download and install.

    DIGG Article

    Ubuntu HOW TO article
  3. speedy45

    speedy45 TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 74

    so, which Linux version will work with the NTFS File System?
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