I have an HP a1129n with an ms-7093 ver 120

By woodsrevenge
Jan 3, 2009
  1. alright, hp a1129n, ms-7093 ver 120 mobo and im looking to upgrade that along with the processor and later the video card. Im having some problems with the computer now and think the mobo may be bad. Id like to get a new computer but dont have the cash so id like to rebuid.. What mobo's are going to be easily compatible?

    amd athlon 64 processor currently
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    How hard to build a new one? I mainly use it to download and i have apple tv. play a little warcraft but most my gaming is done on ps3.. how much could i get out of it?
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    If you are using an HP Windows install, it will not work when you change the board... and you will need a legal copy of Windows to repair yours. Because of this, no motherboard is going to be "...easily compatible..."
    Motherboards seldom go bad, nor to processors. I would have your system checked out by an experienced friend.
    Otherwise, start with your processor, and then look at MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, FoxConn, Intel, or DFI board that will accept your processor...
    If you are not experienced in replacing motherboards, you are in for a real treat of frustration.
    Perhaps you might want to discuss your problems on this forum... what is going wrong that frustrates or worries you?
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