I have .mts videos I want to put on YouTube -- which format should I convert them to?

By losdavos
Nov 26, 2012
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  1. Hi,
    I have a bunch of .mts files, and I'd like to put several of them on Youtube. Is there a particular Youtube-supported format that I should convert them to that's better than the other formats? Are there particular Youtube-supported formats that would allow me to keep their HD quality? And finally, what software do you recommend I use to convert them? Currently, they're stored on a mac (I rue the day I ever bought that damn thing), but I could do the conversion work on my PC, if that matters for what software you recommend.
    Thanks very much!
  2. remixedcat

    remixedcat TS Rookie

    I would use.mp4 and handbrake is a very good program to do it with.

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