I hear sound but videos won't play

I have gone through other threads on this topic but am having trouble using the advice. I am NOT a computer pro in any way, so could you try to dumb-down your explanations ("explain it to me like I'm 5") to the level of someone who does not know that acronyms and has VERY basic computer knowledge? Thanks!!

My computer was running VERY slow so I went to the Task Manager and stopped a lot of the programs from running, based on some advice I got on the issue. The computer does run faster now, however, I recently found that videos don't play on it. I can hear the sound from the video, but the video does not show up correctly - when I move the mouse around the location of where it should be playing on the screen the video flashes for a very brief second and goes away again.

I tried uploading a new flash player but that did not work. Where and what should I be looking for that I may have stopped from running or deleted from my computer? I played a YouTube video that was listed on AOL and it worked just fine, but most other videos are not working. Thanks in advance!


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Do you mean "videos" like youtube stuff or DVD movies?
I have had a similar problem with all kinds of movies and then the problem was bad drivers and I only needed to download new (graphics) drivers and then everything worked just fine. You could also try to update your graphics drivers but what graphics card have you got..?

Anyhow, if your computer is slow you could try to clean it up a bit, uninstall toolbars that you dont use, run ccleaner (Cleaner and Registry) then you could also defragment with Auslogics Disk Defrag.
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Hey DjKraid. YouTube videos play just fine. It is videos on other websites that don't seem to play. When I first click on the videos, I see a quick message saying "Make sure Javascript is NOT turned off on your computer. Get the latest FLASH PLAYER" (the flash player is a link). I find it strange that when the videos are playing, I can hear the sound from the video just fine, I just can't view the image. The video comes on and off of my screen as I move the mouse off and on from on the part of the screen where the video is playing - but the video only shows for less than one second at a time.

As for what graphic drives I have, I have NO idea. I am truly a computer-*****. I will run the other items you mentioned to try and speed up the computer. Thanks for those


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Download VLC media player and see how you get on. It will play just about anything and is freeware.


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Hi, If you don't have Adobe Flash player installed (e.g. Flash player ver 9 or higher)
then you really do need to download and install it. See my photo attached for a typical view.
(It's also possible the graphic card drivers need upgrading, although sounds less likely now you say some videos do play.)
Also it's possible that an 'add-on' to your web browser is causing a conflict.

So if you don't have Adobe Flash player installed, (version 11 now) then go to this page and click on the the 'Get Adobe Flash player' box. (To right side of screen.)

It will detect your Windows setup and Browser. Untick the box with the 'Get Chrome' option, if that is what you don't want.
If you are using Firefox Web browser, you need to have the 'Enable Javascript' box ticked.
If you are, launch Firefox, click orange area (top left), look for 'options', click on that,
in the box that opens, go to the 'content' tab, and tick the box 'Enable Javascript'.
Hope some of that helps !


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Thanks for the responses!

I installed the VLC and the Adobe Flash Player and it is still not playing videos correctly. What I don't understand is that I can hear the sound of the video but the footage won't show unless I move the mouse on and off of the video that is playing. Note - the video will only show in less than 1 second increments when I do that.


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There may something wrong with you OS or video player. when you clear your pc ,some sevices of opretion system may shut down OR some plugin was delete. So, you may need recover your os and reset your video player for a try.


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Hi, Try this, in your 'search bar' type 'internet explorer'
When the list shows, choose the second on on the list, that is;
Internet explorer (no ad ons).
Try 'Youtube' again, and see if if runs ok.
If it does, then you will need to have a look at the 'add-ons' in your browser, and remove them one by one until you don't have the same problems.
(In I.E 9 it's at the top right of screen, 'cog' icon, then 'Manage add-ons'.)
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Thanks Mike. I will try that fix. The strange thing with Internet Explorer is that Youtube videos play just fine, it is videos on some other web sites that don't play correctly. I found a way to get the videos to play correctly on my computer (and maybe this will give some other ideas to you guys) - I installed Firefox and the videos play just fine on it. They still won't play in Internet Explorer though. I had to download Adobe 11 to get the videos to play but they do play now....with one catch - I can see the videos just fine on Firefox but there is no sound.

To sum it up - I can hear the sound but not see the video on IE, but I can't see the video. I can see the videos on Firefox but I can't hear the sound.


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Hi Mesiahh,

I had a customer that had something very similar happen to him. He can hear the flash video but not see anything at all. Even after re-installing flash, IE addon, etc, etc.... Nothing.

But we tried the following, which worked for him:
-Set the color scheme to 16-bit color.

Now he had dual monitor running from a integrated video card, and all he had to do was set only one moniter to display 16-bit and the video still worked no problem on both moniters.

Very weird, but give it a try.


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[SIZE=3]Hi, To set your display to 16 bit colour, you need to go into the Display settings, switch the 32/16 bit option to 16 bit.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3] This will have the effect of making the video file easier for you graphic chip (s) to display the image on your pc, but with a lower quality display. That may the better option.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]Assuming you are using Vista or 7;-[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]In your ‘search programs and files’ box, type, adjust [/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]In the list that appears, click on adjust screen resolution[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]On the page that appears, click on advanced settings[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]In the box that appears, click on the Monitor tab.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]In the Colours box, click the down arrow and select 16-bit.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]Click OK.[/SIZE]


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I'm now embarassed to have recommended VLC Media Player as being a near certain solution to playing difficult AV files. I was prompted to upgrade from V1.9 to V2.1 with improved security. The result was that everything that played back had no sound. That's particularly bad with mp3 files. I'm running Windows 7 and got nowhere with solving the problem. My computer is far from alone in this respect. The only solution that worked for me was to uninstall and go back to the earlier version which works a treat.


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The more recent user reviews for Kantaris are awful although the expert user seems to think it's great. I'll stick with the earlier version of VLC for now.


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freesmith_video.jpg Hi, Yes you do read good and bad about programs like this, but it can and will depend on what graphic and sound hardware you have in your pc too, what works for one pc won't work well in another.
There's only one way to find out.
Also the reviews that are bad about a program were no doubt written by a user who couldn't get it to work, but it doesn't mean it's a bad program, it was just a poor choice for them.
I have have just installed this video player.
I put in a DVD and it plays full screen and sound fine.
Use the arrow in the center of the screen to choose your DVD to play.
My PC is 6 years old, graphics are ATI Radeon 1650 pci_E, sound is on-board Realtek AC 97, so you can't get more basic than that!
See my screenshot from the DVD playing. Hope this works for you.


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Latest version 2.1 of VLC works fine on my Windows XP desktop but not with Windows 7. I'm using the older version for Windows 7 and the latest for XP That's not what you'd expect. What was great about VLC was that it just worked well with any computer and handled many different files without batting an eye. That no longer seems to be true.
See also the article : "Video Overlay settings at zero after changing scheme" from intel

This solved my problem. It was odd because I had audio but no video in ALL video players. It took me quite some time to figure mine out. And IT wasn't even a codec problem or anything wrong with the various players I tried to use.

Obviously my computer has a intel graphics driver, but you may have a similar problem. Worth a shot. of late, I have been switching display schemes (schemes for screen display from laptop to external monitor) I was using a HD TV as a second screen on extended settings and then switching back all the time.

http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/I ... 029329.htm

I had the same problem, win 7 and chrome. I searched everywhere for solution, only reasonable suppose was to disable hardware accelerator....with chrome you dont even have that property. I installed firefox, deleted chrome and every video works even better.



Okay. here it is:
I had this problem in Google Chrome for a long long time. I tried everything all the forums and articles suggested (incidentally few up to date articles cover this problem even though it still exists) .
I had problems with black screen and sound on some sites and 'need to install flash' on others and on others it worked fine.
I tried messing with various combinations of my own version of flash and Chrome's own built in version. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything. Nothing worked.

After defecting to Firefox for a few months, today I solved the problem with Chrome.

It is as simple as not setting Chrome to be the default web browser (of course iof you've messed around with flash settings in Chrome you may need to put them back - or better still re-install chrome completely). I don't know why, but it is. Tried everything else. Nothing worked but this did.