I need a bootable Windows disk

By L6Griffin
May 18, 2015
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  1. I have a Laptop an HP 2000-300 that needs its BIOS flashrom upgraded. My problems is windows is no longer installed. I do have another HP2000-2b0 with win7 instaled. Wine does not like the file to upgrade the BIOS. Is there someway to create a bootable win7 DVD to to the BIOS upgrade with?

    I tried creating a sytem recovery disk, no help.

    Thanks, Larry
  2. gbhall

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    You should not need an actual windows boot disk. This site cleverly and automatically selects previous posts closely related to your subject, so look there (below your post).

    When you say 'wine does not like the file' it suggests to me you have installed linux, and are expecting your laptop to run the flash update from there. It does not work like that. You MUST set the CD/DVD device as bootable, at the top of the bios boot order, boot off it, and run the bios update from a copy you burned onto the bootable CD/DVD, which can be almost any OS.

    Be warned, it is a risky process, and too many inexperienced people manage to convert their PC into an expensive doorstop. If you do not qualify as 'experienced' let me warn you to get help if possible, or at the very least very carefully research the question of bios updates first. In particular if the letters UEFI crop up anywhere in connection with this laptop, it is a miss-spelling of 'trouble'. http://superuser.com/questions/496026/what-is-the-difference-in-boot-with-bios-and-boot-with-uefi
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  3. L6Griffin

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    Thanks for the reply

    Experience tells me that probable success is a windows disk. Unless the BIOS exe I downloaded from HP is not written for windows. HP has flash utility but I haven't tracked it down to determine if it DOS or Windows.

    Sorry, I do have Ubuntu installed, I replaced Win7 with Ubuntu when Win8 came out. I didn't expect Wine to work, but thought I'd give it a try for the error messages if nothing else. Ideally I'd to create a generic windows boot disk. Bootdisk.com appears to be a good start.

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