I need an Android Phone

By ikesmasher
Dec 27, 2012
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  1. My 3gs fell apart, and id honsetly rather have somethnig a little more widely used/less closed...

    This needs to be unlocked and compatible with AT&T
    Anyway, all I really need is a 3.5" min screen, either at least 8GB built in or a empty sd slot that supports at least 8GB)

    I will be
    1.) texting
    2.) music listening
    3.) wifi? browser? preferrable but not mandatory.

    this will NOT have a data plan. I dont need 4G or even 3g honestly...no data plan will be used. Wierd for a smart phone? maybe but it works.
    I will NOT be able to buy the latest and greatest (like people elsewhere seem to want me to do).

    Anyway, if I had say a $125 budget for a USED phone that didnt have any issues apart from scratches (by that I mean no cracks or huge dents pretty much) could I come up with ANYTHING?

    and as being somewhat a nerd I would like to be able to root it or whatever, even if hacks would be very limited because of hardware age...

    Just curious. Might have to go pick up another iphone if I cant come up with an android phone, and I dont know if I could do that again...

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