I need help restoring my Toshiba

By manu.hernan.
May 5, 2008
  1. recently, a bunch of trojans got into my computer after I lend it to my sibling. Every time i use the internet an ad for antispyware appears and kept redirecting me to a blank page.....wich it look liked an ip adress followed by a lot of letters and numbers. And so on until the screen got full or until i removed the battery because it wouldn't shut down nor restart. I didn;t really know what to do so i started glitching, but things got worse. I have a Toshiba Satellita A215 s7472. A friend came over to help me, and got a spyware doctor but the problem still persisted, so he said that what i had to do was put the Recovery and applications/ drivers cd so it deletes everything it had and goes back to like when i bought......but.......i executed the cd wiithin the computer, not holding the "C" like it said on the instrucitons and it has been for 2 hours on a black screen. i do not know if this is normal or what do i need to do, because i am afraid to take out the battery because i have heard that it damages your computer :s......i dont want ti think it is to late :s....what do i do, or what is happening? thank you very much and god bless you all.
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