I recently had something take out my drive – No boot

By skoscielak
Apr 18, 2011
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  1. I recently had something take out my drive – No boot

    I have a boot loop (XP SP2). I caught either a virus or a mailware. Avast, SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes got rid of them but I still have issues.

    I disable automatic restart on system failure but still no good.
    I can not start in any of the normal, last know or in Safe Modes, I get lots of errors and it reboots.

    I pulled the drive and attached it to another computer as an external. Now there is no file under my docs. Have you ever heard of this? I do have a current back up of my docs but there were a couple of files I do not have and I need.

    When I look at the my docs file there is nothing there, not one file. Wow! Anyone had this or knows what the fix is?
  2. skoscielak

    skoscielak TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 42

    I also have the XP disks but when I try to use them the machine does not boot from the CD. I do have boot from cd 1st. Can I do anything to this drive while being connected as an external?

    Also drive info is It is a 80G SATA Model J8080S excelstor but when I go www.excelstor.com there site is down
  3. Mark56

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    Sounds like whatever infection you had it has caused some serious damage to your OS.

    First task is to get the CD drive to work. Try booting the machine with the hard drive disconnected with the XP disc in the CD drive and see what happens.

    Too late to tell you know but SP2 is no longer supported which has left your PC open to infection, when you do get it up and running make sure you get it updated to SP3. The infection may well have caused your Documents folder to dissapear.

    I just tried the link I have for Excelstor diagnostics and, as you said, the site is unavailable.

    You could use Seatools from the link below, it will work on any make of drive and you can run this on an external drive, use seatools for windows, not the ISO for CD.


    You could also try this AVG boot disc (not sure if this will run on an external drive).


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