I think i have a virus

By ebonyleigh
Aug 19, 2010
  1. i have quite a poorly laptop, its very slow. but it still works. and i have come across the 'is this you virus ' on msn. someone sent me "is this you!and then a link" so i panicked as i thought it could of been an embarrasing picture, then clicked on the link. then all of my contact started flashing up on the screen. and it took ages to recover. all of my friends started saying you have sent me a virus. i think it is a thing that people get. and they send to to all of their contact wihout knowing. i think thats why all my contacts flashed up. then i go on th internet. and it keeps wanting me to prove im not a robot. you have three choices. it says
    please choose one to prove your not a robot;
    get a free SIM
    get twilight picture
    play a game

    so i chose the game, then i couldnt get on my facebook account for about 10 minutes and it still wants me to prove im human. somtimeswhen im on msn, it randomly sighns me out. or wont let me double click on my contact to talk to them.
    its really annoying me. becuase i cant do anything on my computer without being bugged by silly pop ups and crashes. we thought that running anit virus would solve the problem. but it might be that i just need a brand new computer. i could really do with some advise.
    thankyou. ebony
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