I wanna get a new computer

By bighead(kor) ยท 54 replies
Nov 12, 2006
  1. Infrared Reflex

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  2. bighead(kor)

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    uhhhh my mom dont want me to build such an exspensive comp cuz she thinks im gonna mess alot of parts up and waste money so im gonna buy a dell pc the 410 xps ( it comes wit a 20 inch moniter :-D) ....

    BUT the good news is that she is gonna allow me to spend 500 $ on my first build

    PS she doesnt trust me using so much money so im gonna start off small to get her trust.
  3. sghiznaneck

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    Really!! Maybe she could help reimburse me for my latest upgrade!!
    Anyway, it really isn't that hard to build your own computer. Actually, the instruction manual that comes with the motherboard will provide you with all you need to know. I was a little shaky on my first build, but after it was all finished, I booted it up and never had a problem. There is a feeling of satisfaction and pride that you'll get after you've done it. If you're lucky like some of us and had no problems, it's like riding a bicycle. Actually, as I look back at it, I am really surprised that it is as easy to build one. Guess that's why computer shops charge so darn much to build one for you because they figure you know nothing about them. It takes longer to load the operating system and the software than it does to build them. Good Luck!!
  4. Row1

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    cool - a nice goal.

    cool - a nice goal - to see what you can do for under $500.

    You will learn a lot!
  5. bighead(kor)

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    o i c ..... well i guess you guys help alot :-D

    now im confident thzx alot for ur support.

    uhhhh yea and thx for saying good luck :p

    u own ur own comp repair shop!?! kool , and i c u love computers, sghiznaneck.........

    guess i dont need this forum no more.... unless u guys wanna give me a really cheap build ideas....
    no actually its ok i can think on my own unless u wanna
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