I want to learn how to install Win XP Pro on new hard drive

By Ancelot327
Feb 13, 2011
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  1. Hi guys, i want to know some info about installing operating system.

    I have a desktop Dell, the hard drive got screwed and i had to buy a new one. I added the new hard drive. Is a WD SATA 320 GB, I downloaded Win xp pro sp3 Iso. and i burn it into a cd, i burn it as data disc, dunno if that was the right thing. I think iso means image, and i used Roxio program to burn it. When i turn on the PC
    DELL image appears as loading, in that screen theres two options at the top right screen which are 1. Setup 2. Boot Menu. Which should i press? My first attemp was i didnt choose any of those i just let it load and then i inserted the cd, nothing happened. Someting appeared on the screen "Keyboard failure:
    Drive 1 not found: Serial ATA, SATA-2 Strike F1 to continue, F2 to run setup utility.
    Any help will be appreciated, im not an expert on Pc i just want to fix it and save 200$ on a programer. An sorry for my english. thanks.
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