I want to upgrade my computer so I have some questions

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Jun 19, 2010
  1. 1. Will a standard Matx board fit in my Dell Optiplex case?
    - This is the board I'm specifically talking about, upgrading from a Dell Dimension 2400 motherboard.

    2. I bought a new video card, an NVIDEA GeForce 8400 GS to be exact, and I need to update the PSU in order for it to work more proficiently and I'm looking at a 350W one but I'm asking how do I know if the PSU will work with everything? I know the wattage is good because i've checked, but I'm just confused about which one exactly I should get.
    Like would This work?
  2. captaincranky

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    As opposed to the Rosewill PSU, you would be light years better off with this Antec unit: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ..._re=antec_power_supply-_-17-371-033-_-Product This is the best price I've seen on this PSU this year. But, the price is only good until June 22nd, so you need to move on it quickly.

    If what they're saying about 10% off with promo code is true, that comes to about 36 bucks, and that's a steal.

    I don't recommend the Rosewill PSU.

    I'm still uncertain about the board in your case.

    The Newegg "combo offer" on the board looks like a decent deal. The G41 chipset has better onboard graphics than the G31 (GMA 4500)
  3. mailpup

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    Let me add that one problem with the PSU you selected is it has a 20 pin main connector while nearly all modern motherboards, including the one you selected, use a 24 pin main connector. While you can often use a 20 pin PSU with a 24 pin motherboard, if you haven't bought either one yet, why bother?

    Inspect your Dell case with respect to the front panel connectors, the on switch, reset switch, hard drive led, etc. Compare it to the proposed new motherboard and see if they match up. I don't know about your Dell in particular but Dell often uses a proprietary all-in-one front panel connector which does not necessarily match up with commonly available motherboards. If that is your situation, I would get a new case as well.
  4. RyanShowalter

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    My Dell is a Dell Dimension 2400. How do I check if everything would match up?
  5. mailpup

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    You can usually download a pdf copy of the motherboard manual you are thinking of getting. The manual will contain an illustration of the front panel connector layout. However, I would say if you looked at your Dell motherboard and if the front panel connector is all one piece, then it probably won't fit the new motherboard. The front panel pinouts are not standardized and each motherboard can be different.
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