I3 running too cool?

By whiteandnerdy
Mar 22, 2010
  1. i just built my first computer using the new i3 540 and a gigabyte p55a-ud3 motherboard. as i was just changing some power options in my bios and i noticed the cpu temp was at 12C. the room was at about 15C. i do have the coolermaster hyper 212 on it instead of the stock cooler. would this be the bios reading the temp wrong, the cpu sensor reading the temp wrong or could it really be running colder than room temp?
  2. captaincranky

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    I suppose that if evaporative cooling were taking place that this could possibly happen. Don't worry it's not, and either the sensors, BIOS, monitoring software, or a combination the three are incorrect.

    I have an i3-530 in a Gigabyte H55 board with stock cooling, and it reads very low, about room temperature also...So...? The BIOS hardware monitor was my reference for this and also SIW. Other sensors on the board were reporting more reasonable temps. That said, SIW also reported CPU power consumption @ only 23 watts at idle...! (That would translate to a very cool running CPU).
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    I wouldn't complain about it, if your not overclocking and expecting and/or regulating temps.
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